Irandar Co., as one of the subsidiaries of Golrang Industrial Group, is able to produce various types of glossy, arts, metallized and pharma paper and PVC, PP, and PVC films, glued behind according to customer requirements. In the products section of this website you can see the diversity of the products you are looking for and order it if necessary.

In the products section, you can complete the order form by choosing the shelf for each item so our sales experts will contact you as soon as possible. The ordering process includes receiving your initial information as well as the order code and order details in the dimension fields. We tried to implement this process in a complete and simple way on this base, in order to record the minimum time in the order process.

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Irandar Co. was established in 1958. Using the most modern equipment and technology in the world, by relying on global standards, the new production plant of the company, has been exploited in Alborz industrial city in 2014, in an area of twenty thousand square meters
After years of endeavor and unremitting efforts, this exemplary industrial company has been able to gain a decent share of domestic market by bringing itself among the top ranking companies in packaging industry. Exporting a variety of products and being present in other countries has been another success of Irandar's market development.


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